Meet the Team

Dr. Ron Blevins
Ron grew up in a pastor’s home in west Texas. He has been in vocational ministry for over 35 years and has been privileged to lead more than 40 mission endeavors involving adults and students. Ron is the co-author of Course for Life and a book supporting that unique ministry style entitled: Course for Life: Discipleship Based Student Ministry. Discipleship is his passion, and he has a God-given ability to empower students to live a vibrant and authentic faith.
Co-Author, Course for Life
Cindy Blevins
Cindy brings a 30-year background from the public school system of Texas (teaching, presenting staff development, and writing curriculum and instruction). She is the co-author of Course for Life and has the exceptional ability to make complicated concepts understandable. Cindy has a genuine and contagious faith when it comes to growing daily with the Lord.
Co-Author, Course For Life
Aric Davis
The co-author of Course for Life: Discipleship Based Student Ministry, Pastor Aric Davis is the student minister at Ash Creek Baptist Church in Azle, Texas. He has been using Course for Life curriculum as part of his youth ministry since 2007. Incredibly creative and relational, Pastor Davis has created numerous, original D-Now retreats. Complete curriculum is available for purchase on our D-Connect page.​

Author, D-Connect
Molly's degree in Non-profit Management brings a wonderful perspective to help share Course for Life with churches and other organizations. Along with her organizational and managerial skills, she has a tender heart and compassionate spirit for her Lord and others. She enjoys being involved in Course for Life ministries, including teaching and serving as a sponsor on the yearly Youth Leadership Summit. She is married to Kamron, her parner in ministry, who also helps Course for Life with his artistic giftedness.

Molly Gopffarth
Communications Manager

Ministry Board Members​

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